Eduardo Bitran

Senior Advisor
University Adolfo Ibanez, Chile,

Eduardo Bitran Colodro is Professor at the University Adolfo Ibanez, Chile, and former Minister of Public Works, Chile. He is also an independent consultant focusing on financial market development, infrastructure development, business innovation policy, and regulatory reform. As the Minister of Public Works (2006-08), Dr. Bitran undertook a deep reform of the system of infrastructure concessions, which was approved by the National Congress. In 2006-10, he was member of the board of the System of Public Companies in representation of the President of Chile. In 2008-10, he was President of the National Council of Innovation coordinating the Agenda of Innovation Chile 2010-20. In 2010 he was elected independent director of Ripley, one of the main retailers in Chile and Peru. In 1990-2000, he was on the boards of diverse corporations with participation of the state and public companies. He also held a number of leading positions in the Chilean private sector, including Director of Transelec, the main electric transmission company of Chile, and Director of Salco-Brand (also a co-owner), a series of drugstores in Chile. Since 2008 he has been the main researcher of the Economist Intelligence Unit Private Public Partnership index (Infrascope) for 19 Latin American countries.

Area of expertise: Infrastructure policy and PPTs.

Recent Assignments/Work: Central American Infrastructure; Colombian innovation policy.