New Geography of Innovation and the Impact of the Economic Crisis

January 19, 2012 to January 20, 2012
  • Paris Symposium Audience
  • Dr. Leipziger and Prof. Aghion
  • Prof. Aghion Presenting
  • Participants interacting during break

Innovation is central to both economic growth and economic progress. In the current environment of lagging growth, the search for and management of innovation preoccupies many of us. The innovation landscape has been changing dramatically and, with the advent of new players, the exchange of experience on innovation systems, the diffusion of scientific and technical know-how, and the role of public policy in the furtherance of smart and effective R & D are all poignantly relevant.

A Symposium "New Geography of Innovation and the Impact of the Economic Crisis" gathered a group of prominent experts who deliberated on various aspects of innovation policy and its link to economic growth, review country experiences, and converged on a few key lessons for the global economy and for countries that are critical for continued globalization.

Participants included policymakers, academics, and experts on the topic of innovation. They come from a wide range of countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, China, Colombia, France, Korea, Malaysia, the United States, and Vietnam.  

The Symposium was held at the OECD headquarters in Paris and organized by the Growth Dialogue in cooperation with OECD and the World Bank Institute.

Image: Courtesy of OECD