The Growth Dialogue Institute


We as the international community face many growth related challenges: we need to balance the process of rapid urbanization with sustainable green growth; we need to harness the benefits of innovation and technology with the goals of job creation; and we need to worry about the links between income generation and its distribution.  These policy challenges are all the more pressing in emerging and developing countries where poverty rates are still high, institutions are weak, and the middle class is still emerging.


What is the Growth Dialogue Institute?

The Growth Dialogue Institute (GDI) was established in 2014. It is the Growth Dialogue's sister organization and relies on corporate support.  The GDI seeks to be an independent voice on economic growth and a platform for policy dialogue among those entrusted with producing sustainable and shared growth in emerging and developing market economies. 

The GDI provides independent, unfiltered advice from other regions to current decision makers facing major growth challenges utilizing its group of experienced officials, experts and academics.

The Growth Dialogue Institute uses a model of peer-to-peer learning among policymakers and a rigorous approach to the transference of scholarly work for the benefit of developing countries facing the real world challenges of growth and development.

How to support the Growth Dialogue Institute?

By supporting the Growth Dialogue Institute, you will join a community that truly cares about building a better future for people and the places where they live. Together, we can help inform and arm decision-makers to seek solutions that further the goal of inclusive growth. The GDI and its sister organization, the Growth Dialogue, believe in the transfer of knowledge and experience as the key building block for the adoption of better policies.  The Growth Dialogue team has a track record of success in this area.

To enable us to reach larger audiences and for us to increase our impact, we are inviting corporations to become members of the Growth Dialogue community through a program of corporate support.