Growth Economics and Policies

  • Working Paper #2 by S. Yusuf

The purpose of this paper is to study how thinking on growth has evolved since the 1950s through the interplay of international politics, country-level experience, and theorizing almost exclusively conducted in Western countries. The paper reflects on how this body of thinking has diffused through a variety of channels and influenced policies in virtually all developing countries. Finally, the paper considers whether—following the financial crisis and the unsettled circumstances in the first decade of the twenty-first century—economic research based on the experience of a few countries, over a limited period of time, can provide relevant and effective policy guidance.

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Shahid Yusuf
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Working Paper #2 by S. Yusuf
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by Shahid Yusuf
Working Paper #2 on Growth Economics and Policies: A 50-year Verdict and a Look Ahead [.PDF]