Guillermo Perry


Guillermo Perry is a non-resident fellow at the Center for Global Development. He was Chief Economist of the Latin America and Caribbean region of the World Bank from August 1, 1996 to September 30, 2007. Prior to joining the World Bank, Mr. Perry served his native country, Colombia, in various capacities: he was Minister of Finance and Public Credit (August 1994 - April 1996); Minister of Mining and Energy (1986 - 1988); Director of National Taxes (1974 - 1976); and Deputy Director of the Departamento Nacional de Planeación y Consejo Nacional de Política Económica CONPES, 1970. He was also a Member of the Constitutional Assembly (1991) and of the Senate of the Republic (1990).

Mr. Perry has been Director of two of Colombia’s leading economic think-tanks, Fedesarrollo (1988 - 1989) and Center for Economic Development Studies, CEDE, (1972 - 1974), and currently teaches at Universidad de Los Andes and is a research associate at Fedesarrollo. He has served on the Governing Body of the Global Development Network, the Executive Committee of LACEA and the Boards of Directors of Fedesarrollo and Universidad de los Andes.

Mr Perry holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Operational Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.