Han Duck-soo


Han Duck-soo is Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States. He is former Prime Minister and former Minister of Finance and Economy. Mr. Han holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University (1984) and a B.A. in Economics from Seoul National University (1971).

Mr. Han’s career spans over 35 years, starting at the National Tax Service in 1970 and the Economic Planning Board four years later. In 1982 he moved to what is now the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, where he rose to Vice Minister in 1997-1998, during the Asian financial crisis and later became Minister of Trade Affair (1998-2000), handling trade negotiations with foreign governments.

Mr. Han served as presidential secretary of economic affairs under two presidents, first in 1993 and more recently in 2002 under former president Kim Dae Jung. In 2001, he also served as the senior presidential secretary for policy and planning. Other posts include Ambassador to the OECD in 2001, President of the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET) in 2003 and Minister, Office for Government Policy Coordination in 2004.