James A. Hanson

Jim Hanson has worked on financial policy, macroeconomic policy, and debt, and crisis issues at the World Bank for over 25 years in East and South Asia, Latin American and Egypt, and earlier as an associate professor at Brown University. Most recently, he has been a consultant to the World Bank’s Myanmar program and to its Independent Evaluation Group and the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office, evaluating technical assistance, financial sector lending, and World Bank programs in Chile, Guatemala, Turkey, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, and a Visiting Professor at the Williams Center for Development Economics. As a Senior Financial Sector Economist and Lead Economist in the World Bank, he has co-led Financial Sector Assessments of Bangladesh, Turkey, Peru (twice), Uruguay, and India and participated in Financial Sector Assessments, studies of finance and development, and loans in countries as diverse as Brazil, Egypt, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, Macedonia, Ecuador, and Yemen. Earlier, he was a World Bank Lead Economist in Indonesia (4 years) and India (twice for 5 years) and a Lead Economist in Washington working on macroeconomics, international and domestic finance, debt, crises, and Latin America. In addition to teaching at Williams, Georgetown, and Brown, he has taught in a number of Latin American Universities in Spanish.
He has published widely on issues of macroeconomic, financial and fiscal reform and domestic and foreign debt. In addition to authorship and contribution to various World Bank reports on Indonesia, India, various Latin American countries, Jamaica, Macedonia, Eastern Europe, Egypt, Cambodia, and Yemen, his work includes books and articles in conference volumes and academic journals such as the American Economic Review, Oxford Economic Papers, and the Journal of Development Economics.

Area of Expertise: Macro-financial policy