Soo-gil Young


Soo-gil Young is Professor, KDI School and former Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth, Republic of Korea. ( The Committee is Korea's highest-level policy-deliberation body on all matters related with Korea's climate-change mitigation and adaptation strategies and policies, promotion of green economy and its growth, and contribution to green growth in the developing world. Dr Young has led Pacific Economic Cooperation Council's (PECC) work on international labor mobility, finance, and trade policy. He was coordinator of the task force on international labor mobility, was the founding coordinator of the PECC Finance Forum and the PECC task force on trade in manufactured goods - the pre-cursor of the Trade Policy Forum. He is concurrently the President of the National Strategy Institute (NSI), an independent think tank on economic reform and national governance, in Seoul, a position he has held since March 2006. Dr. Young served as a senior economist at four governmental economic think tanks during 1978-1998, including as a senior fellow for the Korea Development Institute (KDI), as President of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), and as President for the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP). He served as Korea's Ambassador to the OECD in Paris during 1998-2001 where he concurrently served as Chairman of the Advisory Board on the OECD Development Centre. Image courtesy of: