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Our Goals

The GDI, the Growth Dialogue's sister organization, seeks to be an independent voice on economic growth and a platform for policy dialogue among those entrusted with producing sustainable and shared growth in emerging and developing market economies.  The GDI provides independent, unfiltered advice from other regions to current decision makers facing major growth challenges utilizing its group of experienced officials, experts and academics.


Corporate support will help us to reach larger audiences and to have greater global impact. Join our network of partners: the World Bank Group, the OECD, the Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, the Korea Development Institute, ThinkCity of Malaysia, and numerous top-tier universities. 


Join the GDI's program of support

Make an impact through funding the Growth Dialogue Institute‘s program:

1.     Urbanization and Development.  A Global Conference.  Fall of 2015.  

2.     Inclusive Development.  A Leadership Forum. Spring of 2015.

3.     Innovation and Technology.   An Africa conference. Winter 2016.

4.     Sustainable Green Growth in Cities. A Leadership Forum. Spring 2016.


Benefits of Membership

•    Access to a global network of leaders dedicated to improving growth opportunities in developing countries

•    Invitation to participate in GDI’s annual conferences and other events

•    Recognition of your support for our mission on GDI’s website and other published materials

•    Access to GDI’s online community, including profiles, information on programs and events, and tools for collaboration as well as in-country contacts

•    Opportunity to play a meaningful advisory role for GDI’s future work

•    Contributions are tax deductible under US tax law


Corporate Giving Key

Leadership Circle: $100,000, payable over no more than two years

Chairman’s Club: $50,000 payable over no more than two years

Platinum Membership: $25,000-49,999

Gold Membership: $10,000-24,999

Silver Membership: $5,000-9,999


Countries of Focus

Africa: Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania.

Asia:  India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam

Latin America: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru


Please contact Ines Garcia, Director of Operations of the GDI at, or call +1.202.994.8371 for more information.